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Scott Ross
Tampa, FL

Kirsten Ulve
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It's Mr Tim!

I’m a veteran Nashville TV WeatherGuy.  For years I’ve attempted to balance my love of both painting and prognostications.  Eventually the pull to paint overpowered the call to count clouds and I traded my weather pointer for paint brushes!  

I met my wife, Sallee, at a church dance.  We were engaged four minutes later and married six weeks after that.  That's a true story!  I rushed the romance along because, had Sallee gotten to know him better, she never would have said, "Yes!" to my marriage proposal. We are best friends and have been happily married for over 35 years.  

I grew up in a family of successful artists.  I’m thinkin’ a tube or two of artistic DNA may have squeezed out on me at birth.    

I can best be described as a friendly, EZ duzzit, tall & skinny, picture painting, bicycle riding, ukulele playing, happily married, church going, family man. 

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